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Minneapolis SEO CompanyThere is nothing like seeing local companies in the Minneapolis, MN community succeed. The popularity of shopping local is increasing which is great for our local economy. Local companies gain a lot of their business through word of mouth. Continue reading

The Importance of Image Tags and SEO

Images play an important part on your website. Humans are visual beings and are drawn to images–which can grab your audience’s attention even before they read anything on your website. Incorporating images into your post can be simple, but one of the greatest oversights that even website designers and professional website developers make is optimizing images on your websites for search engines. Continue reading

SEO Website Design Minneapolis MN

The Search engine optimization (SEO) process has made it a long way in the past couple of years, and has been a crucial component of Internet marketing for a quite some time. When SEO web design was first quietly muttered in the 90’s, it meant little more than stuffing your web page with whatever keywords you had been optimizing for, and populating your meta data for the search engines to look over. SEO marketing was almost as traditional as the search engines themselves.

In to Continue reading