Blogging can get you rated first in the Search Results

Blogs are an effective way to promote your website and rank high in search engine results. In fact, a blog can be the most powerful web marketing tool that you can use over and over again. Every blog post that you write becomes another web page with the opportunity to rank high–adding more credibility to your website in search engine results. But remember, content is the most important part of your blog post. Content is the foundation of your blog, and if not written well, your blog–even your website–could lose credibility and traffic.

Below are some important things to keep in mind when creating blog posts:

Develop Intriguing Titles with Keywords

The title of your blog ultimately becomes the title of your web page. Try to develop a title that is to the point including keywords as to what your blog post is about. Vague titles are used too often, and do not increase traffic because your potential audience is not searching for random phrases. Search engines pay close attention to the first words in your title, so make them count! If your focused on a particular geographic area remember to include this in your title as well.

Work Keywords into your Blog

Keywords are your best friend and should be included into the first two sentences of your blog as well as throughout the rest of your post. Remember; try not to “keyword stuff” as it can backfire. Major search engines can penalize you for “over-optimizing” your post. You want your keywords to flow naturally from paragraph to paragraph throughout your post.

Share your Blogs on Social Networks

Social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are great ways to connect your blog post with the rest of the viral world. Sharing your posts can drive more traffic and build awareness of your post.  You can also keep a close eye on how many people are “sharing”, “tweeting”, and “liking” your post which encourages more people to share your content and gives your post relevance.

Other Ideas to Keep in Mind for Blogging for SEO

To get the best results from a blog that generates SEO ranking and traffic keep in mind these key ideas:

  • Create key-word rich topics and focus each blog around it. Try not to be too vague and stray off-topic.
  • Make a title that begins with keywords–use keywords early in your post and often throughout paragraphs.
  • Take advantage of social networks.
  • Include images that relate to your content.

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