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Building a website is one of the best things you can do for your business if it can do two things. First it needs to be found, which is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. Second it needs to convert, which is where Web Design comes in. Once this is accomplished, you now have a 24/7/365 salesperson producing leads and representing your company.

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At Einstein SEO we have assembled a great team of web developers, search engine optimization professionals, graphic designers, and content writers that have the creative talent as well as the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices, to turn your ideas into reality! We work closely with you to design a website that meets your business and marketing needs, while at the same is properly optimized for the search engines.

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Memorable marketing design combines visual impact with extraordinary copy. A good website must combine these effective marketing techniques, while employing search engine optimization. No matter how great your website looks, if the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing cannot find it, you will never get found online. Creating a web site that successfully communicates your business brand and offering is quite different than creating a traditional marketing piece such as a company brochure. Your web site is also a business investment, not a throw-away piece of literature. If your web site is not converting the web traffic it’s getting to legitimate leads then your web site is failing.

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Einstein SEO is an experienced and well established web design company specializing in Web site Design and Web Development. We have been designing and developing successful, search engine optimized websites for over 12 years. We uniquely combine our web design experience with our expert understanding of search engines to create a web site solution for your company that will deliver results!

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