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What is SEO Link Building?

Targeted Back Link Building for SEOSEO Link Building or backlinking includes any process in order to get other websites to put a link from there site pointing to yours. You may ask why you would want another site pointing to you. This all goes back to the original search engine framework. Originally search engines ranked pages solely by how many times searched keywords appeared in a page or site. This was ok in the beginning, but if you wanted your site to appear first, all you had to do was increase keywords.

In 1996 two college students doing a research project theorized that rather than base searches solely on keywords, they would use a citation method common to college research papers, where you give credit to where you got the information. In this way, their search engine ranked not just on keywords, but on the number of pages, and the importance of those pages, that linked back to the original site.

Building Quality Links To Your Site

There are quite a few ways to get links to your site; some good, some don’t matter, and some bad. Good backlinks would be from a high ranking, informational, and trusted site that is preferably similar to your product or service and considered a source of knowledge. Backlinks that don’t matter would be from smaller, less informational sites that wouldn’t hurt you, but really wouldn’t give you anything simply due to the fact that they aren’t considered a source of knowledge in your field. Bad backlinks can be hard to spot, but generally would include spam links or from a link-sharing service referred to as a link-farm; very often penalized by search engines that can then pass that bad reputation on to your site.

At Einstein SEO our search engine optimization specialists have many techniques to build strong, trusted links that can build trust on your site in the search engine’s eyes. We publish professional articles to highly respected directories with specific ties to your industry that allow us to link back to your site. We publish informational blog posts, and do the same. We also actually go out and find other high ranking similar sites, and offer to place unique content on their site in exchange for a link back to your site from that content. By beginning this process in such a trusted way, these links continue to grow simply due to the fact that others see the information on your site, and place links back to you just because you are now a reputable source of knowledge on the web.

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