Good Web Sites Are Not an Accident

Do you find yourself returning to certain web sites again and again? Are there web sites that you find yourself lingering on? Have you ever recommended a web site to someone else because you liked it so much?

Web sites are good or bad for many different reasons. There is, however, some basic agreement on what makes a web site good. Continue reading

SEO Minneapolis

Minneapolis SEO CompanyThere is nothing like seeing local companies in the Minneapolis, MN community succeed. The popularity of shopping local is increasing which is great for our local economy. Local companies gain a lot of their business through word of mouth. Continue reading

Social Media Boosts SEO Rankings

As of October 3rd 2013, there are over 500 million users on Facebook, and on average, people spend at least 700 billion minutes per month on the network. Facebook is just one of many social media networks that people use every day. Millions use multiple social media networks (Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for example) to share, comment, and collect information and images fast and efficiently. Not only are social media networks a critical component to your online presence as a business owner, it can also boost your SEO ranking exponentially. Continue reading

The Importance of Image Tags and SEO

Images play an important part on your website. Humans are visual beings and are drawn to images–which can grab your audience’s attention even before they read anything on your website. Incorporating images into your post can be simple, but one of the greatest oversights that even website designers and professional website developers make is optimizing images on your websites for search engines. Continue reading

SEO Website Design Minneapolis MN

The Search engine optimization (SEO) process has made it a long way in the past couple of years, and has been a crucial component of Internet marketing for a quite some time. When SEO web design was first quietly muttered in the 90’s, it meant little more than stuffing your web page with whatever keywords you had been optimizing for, and populating your meta data for the search engines to look over. SEO marketing was almost as traditional as the search engines themselves.

In to Continue reading

Blog Writing for Top SEO Results

With Google making constant changes and making keyword data harder to come by, it might be best for marketers to take a step back and remember the SEO basics. Although search engines are evolving daily, the core elements of getting your content found have stayed consistent.
Below are some tips to follow to optimize your blog posts and increase your SEO ranking. Continue reading

Improve SEO Rankings with Good Title tags, H-tags, and Metadata

SEO is known as “search engine optimization” and it is the method used to get website traffic from the organic listing on search engines. All major search engines have search results when you type in a phrase or keyword you are looking for. From there, the search engine will locate web pages and other content based on what the search engine deems most relevant to users. As a business owner when you have a website you want your website first on the top of the list. People want their questions answered quickly and with ease–and getting right the point is key. When creating content for your website, you want to remember and incorporate HTML codes such as title tags, h-tags, and meta data throughout your post to keep the “natural” flow of your post as well as making it easier to read for your audience. Continue reading