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SEO Friendly ContentObviously it’s very important to have content on your website. But unless it has been written in an SEO friendly manner, there’s a pretty good chance that the site won’t show up in any search results. To get noticed by the search engines, a website must be and have many things, and one of those is SEO friendly content. We have been writing SEO friendly content at Einstein SEO for over 12 years now and will happily write and build a website for you so that you can get noticed by the search engines and then the people in your local area who will help your business grow.

Informed SEO Content Writer

The first thing we do with you at Einstein SEO is sit down and find out who you are, what you do, and who your target audience is. This enables us to find out which words most likely apply when people are trying to find you. We ask questions and get as much information as we can so that we can provide you with a truly informed website that will pass that information along to your target audience.

Relevant SEO Content Writing

One reason why we ask questions is that the content on your website must be relevant. Part of SEO friendly content means that it is relevant. The search engines want to direct people to the best websites that fit a desired search. So the engines are constantly filtering out sites that are deemed to have irrelevant content. Therefore it is very important to have content that is relevant and so your website doesn’t get “blacklisted.” It’s almost an Ernest Hemingway approach: be simple and straightforward. What we mean by this is that if you install fireplaces, you don’t “make dreams happen” as some writing would proclaim, while making very little or no mention of installing fireplaces. We don’t do that at Einstein SEO. Instead we let people know what you do and if you can help them. And that is how you get the search engines to notice you…But even that isn’t the ultimate goal. After the search engines notice you, then people will be driven to your site and if the content isn’t relevant to them, then they won’t take the next step, which is giving you their business. So without relevant content, nothing is really achieved. That’s why we make sure we give you that when you partner with us at Einstein SEO.

If you want well-written content that is SEO friendly, contact Einstein SEO today at (763) 951-2200. We will make sure your content is seen.

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