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MN Content WriterDear soon to be client,

If you are reading this letter, then Einstein SEO has done a successful job at reeling you in, snatching you up, and forcing you to take a look at our website. Consider yourself ‘caught.’ While the focus today is on content writing in Minnesota, we have the right technology and techniques to focus our energy and get your website and your product to the top of any search engine list. We, as we like to call it, are search engine optimization pros, and we are ready to take you to the top and get your website growing!


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Ahhh, the power of words. As the Internet world grows, it is getting harder and harder to create a successful online business that people can easily find. Like any business, successful relationships are important to establish in order for growth to happen. Einstein SEO is a useful tool that can help your website reach the top of search engine sites, and more importantly, keep you there! Through our white-hat search engine optimization techniques, we keep our clients at the top of the list, even when new search algorithms appear. Partnering with Einstein SEO will set your online business apart from the rest!

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So what exactly is search engine optimization? Einstein SEO has certain tools that help to unlock search algorithms on your top search engine websites. By knowing certain “keywords” we can plug them into your websites and blogs, bumping your product or service to the top of the list. We specialize in helping businesses throughout the Minnesota area thrive within their service areas. For Einstein SEO, staying current on search algorithms can make all the difference. Our team of experts release these algorithms to our content writers, and tell them what the client specifically needs. The content writers that are experts in their field then incorporate these keywords within the website. We can do this through blogs, main pages, etc.

So what good is a keyword if it doesn’t have some backbone to it? No keyword works without content to go with it. Our content will take these keywords and turn them into a blog or article that will relate back to your product or service. Have you noticed in this blog that we have utilized the term “search engine optimization” several times? Most consumers do not realize that what they are reading is actually promoting the company’s website! Our content writers make relevant, accurate statements about your business while also including important terms to keep you at the top of the Google, Bing or Yahoo list.

Don’t be the 10th page down on Google. Let Einstein SEO carry you to the top in Minnesota! For more information on content writing, call us today at (763) 951-2200.

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