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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in MinnesotaA successful SEO approach does not offer immediate results. AND if you are looking into an SEO company’s services and they are promising you immediate results, be cautious. Like the lesson of the tortoise and the hair, faster isn’t always better and when it comes to SEO, if the wrong strategy is used, your company’s website will directly be penalized. Which means you paid to fall lower on the search engine ranking scale. Many business owners have actually experienced this, first hand, prior to working with the experts at Einstein SEO in Minnesota. We have helped many local Minnesota companies develop a successful SEO strategy with long-term leading search engine results, and we can help you too!

Effective SEO Strategy

An effective SEO strategy is multifaceted. It takes into account your entire website and all your social media networking sites. Einstein SEO focuses on an approach that picks up at the 6-month mark, depending on the competitiveness of your market and location, and continues to out rank local competitors thereafter in organic searches.

Einstein’s SEO Process

Website Design – By the first blink of an eye, a person makes their judgment of your website. The visual look of your website will play a big role in attracting interested parties. Easy to navigate websites ensure the users don’t get lost or give up. Our company believes in ‘Call To Action’ options on every page, so they can reach you the second they decide to.

Website Content – Clear page titles, with informative content that provides the service area, will not only help your clients find you but it will help Google and other search engines to align you with the customers you want, for the services you provide.

Continuing a Constant Presence – At the rate Google evolves, the SEO industry is a constant turning table. Once your website has been designed and created with your approval our SEO experts strongly recommend corporate blogging and city pages. Fresh content means search engines will need to index your content and reassess your search rankings more frequently. We recommend posting the blogs and information shared throughout your social media sites to further enhance its visibility.

SEO No-No’s

Throughout the evolution of the internet, we could go over the extensive list of unsatisfactory SEO approaches that common search engines, like Google, now penalize for. Common SEO No-No’s include:

  • Copied/Duplicate Content – Any type of duplicate content found on your website will take you off the search engine results. Search engines will not see you as a reliable source and therefore not point interested parties your way.
  • Hidden Content – Back in the day, adding hidden content and hidden tabs designed to manipulate search rankings worked, for a minute. Now that Google has grown wise, all the websites that jumped on board are still trying to recover their rankings. Google sees this approach as deceptive and will penalize your site.

Minnesota SEO Company

If you are searching for an SEO strategy for your Minnesota company, get in contact with Einstein SEO and together we can develop a realistic path to search engine domination. Call 763-951-2200.

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