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Grow with SEO MinnesotaIf you own your own business, chances are you’ve heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And chances are what you’ve heard was a bit confusing. This constantly evolving industry can help any type of business in our tech-centered, modern world – if it is done right. Einstein SEO is a company that specializes in increasing your internet marketing presents to those who actually want what you have to offer. Let’s go over the fundamentals of our SEO Process.

Our Expert SEO Services Focus on The:


Many business owners have compiled at least one, if not multiple websites throughout the years. That can lead to confusion and quite a bit of hassle if the websites do generate leads. Our SEO Strategy starts with accounting for all the sites you have or are currently using. We will then help you manage them with re-directs, dissolve them if they are reflecting negatively and create or improve the website and design you have chosen for your company. This one website will be the face of your business to all who look you, your services or products up online.


Content is Key. It is the key that directs search engines to consumers that need what you have to offer. Duplicate content will ruin your credibility with search engines, like Google. They penalize for copied content because it is in violation of Google’s guidelines, even when choosing content from a library. Like many other SEO companies choose to do. Never select content from a library or that is duplicated, you will never see the same results as you would with unique and informative content about your industry on your site. Our SEO Services always includes truly unique content for your entire website and service/product pages.


Everyone is on the internet to get answers… popular searches consist of “What is…”, “How To…”, “Should I…” because people want to know the answers. You can be the one to give them the answers on what you are knowledgeable about. The more they get from you the more credibility your business has. There is always something to be blogging about. Whether you’re in construction, retail, a dental office, waste management or even a photographer – every industry has stories and information to share. The more you share, the more Google indexes your website and if it is the right kind of information those blogs can climb to the top of local searches in your area and beyond.

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