How Page Loading Speed Affects SEO

How Page Loading Speed & SEOWhen it comes to the Internet, as consumers we are extremely spoiled. Just think back 15-20 years ago when the only type of web browsing we had access to was through a dial-up Internet connection. The memories of the sound of your modem dialing up would make us cringe this day in age, if that was what we had to go through to search the web. Nowadays, instant Internet access is available wherever you go. Now, our focus is on the experience we have when visiting various websites. The speed of your website is a high priority when it comes to your search engine rankings. Since customers consider the speed of your website as part of the customer experience, search engines like Google place an emphasis on page loading speeds. If you feel like your company’s website is behind the times when it comes to loading speed, our expert SEO company in Minnesota is ready to get your website up to speed!

Increased Loading Speed = Increased Search Engine Indexing

Research has shown that approximately 40% of Internet users will exit a web page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Google and other search engines do not shy away from letting SEO experts know that page loading speed has a direct impact on their search engine rankings. Running a business on your own is stressful enough, so let the dedicated SEO staff at Einstein SEO help enhance your website’s page loading speed. Our team will focus on the following areas:

  • Your Server – Letting our team manage your web hosting services will prevent you from having to use a weak server. We offer hosting services to ensure your speed doesn’t affect your investment in SEO.
  • Keep it Simple – Our SEO web design team will ensure that your website is not overdone with too many links, content or videos.
  • Reduce Image Size – Simple adjustments on the size of your images can have a direct impact on your page loading speed.
  • Manage Advertising – Although advertisements on your webpage can be a good way to earn money, it can also slow down your website. Our staff will make sure that your advertisements do not become a distraction and are not hindering the speed of your website.

At Einstein SEO, seeing your website rise to the top of search engines is our passion! If you are concerned that your page loading speed is having a negative impact on your website’s search engine optimization, our SEO services team is ready to help. Team up with our knowledgeable staff today in Minnesota and let us help increase the page loading speed of your website. Give us a call today at (763) 951-2200 to take the first step in optimizing your company’s website.

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