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Link Building St. PaulThe days of advertising in the local yellow pages and newspaper are largely over. Today, St. Paul business owners have to be extremely creative when it comes to growing their businesses.

Business owners today have to devote a significant amount of their marketing budgets online to areas like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Link Building. In this blog we’re going to introduce you to Link Building and show you how it can improve your search rankings online.

What is Link Building?

Link building is simply generating links from external websites that point back to your company’s website. Major search engines like Google think about links as a way for organizations to prove their authenticity.  The more links that are pointing back to your site, the more of an authority that you’ll be viewed as by major search engines.

Some companies will attempt to get links from all types of sites, many of which are deemed by major search engines as spammy. Receiving links from these types of sites does not help boost search rankings, in fact it can do the exact opposite. Google and other search engines look at links from spammy sites in a negative fashion.

The key to effective link building is to get natural, high authority links that will ensure your site stays at the top of the major search engines.

Other SEO Services from Einstein SEO

Aside from link building, the SEO professionals at Einstein SEO offer a number of other Internet marketing services to help you get found online, including:

  • Content Marketing – Another way to boost your reputation online is through publishing high quality content. Whether it’s onsite content, blogs, or promotional videos, Einstein SEO can help you plan and develop a content strategy that will be sure to boost your presence online.
  • Social Media – If your company is not active on social media, you’re likely missing out on significant exposure and ultimately revenue. With our team of social media experts, we can help you craft a social media marketing strategy that will translate into added exposure for your company.
  • Responsive Web Design – Is your website viewable on all types of mobile devices? If not, search engines could actually penalize you when it comes to rankings. At Einstein SEO, we’ll make sure your site is viewable on all devices including smartphones and tablets.

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