White Hat SEO

SEO MNFinding the balance between keeping your site current, interesting to your users and reaching new customers is complex and never ending. As a reputable site, you want to use techniques that are generally accepted as professional and legitimate. You have a long-term commitment to your site and to providing your users with useful and strong content. White hat SEO techniques offer a wide variety of strategies to keep your site performing well, without using techniques that are considered to be unethical (black hat SEO). As you might expect, strong website content tends to be the common link here and the most important factor to your site’s ultimate success.

Common White Hat Factors Used in Performance Analysis

  • Strength of Written Content on the Site: Is your content new, current, unique, relevant, easy to understand and well written?
  • Images and Video Included on the Site: Having a good mix of written and multimedia content is important.
  • Architecture of the Site: Is your site well-built and can users access it across platforms? It is also becoming more and more important for sites to link to social media.
  • Meta Information: While things like keywords are still important, they are best used as important words or phrases across your site, specifically in areas like blogs, images and videos.
  • How Well The Site Performs: You want your site to be fast, user friendly and easy to navigate.

Einstein SEO Will Help Your Site Reach New Heights

Einstein SEO, a search engine optimization company located in Ham Lake, MN has been working with clients for more than a decade to help their websites reach the top of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. We are committed to using only white-hat search engine optimization techniques, meaning we do not use shortcuts, spamming and other nefarious tactics that actually will get your site penalized by the top search engines. Using white hat techniques also gives you a better chance of becoming a site that is consistently at the top of SERPs and not periodically knocked out of these top spots.

We emphasize strong content above all and will help you reach your goals, help users find your site and keep traffic coming your way. We offer a wide variety of web services to meet your business’ needs. Give us a call at 763-951-2200 for more information or to discuss ways your company can partner with our team!

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