Why your Website MUST be Mobile Friendly

Importance of Being Mobile FriendlyIt’s no secret that phones are an important part of any growing company. A recent study showed that on average, Americans check their cell phones every 6 minutes, totaling to at least 150 times a day. When the average American wakes up, what do you think is ringing? You guessed it, people shuffle to snooze their phone alarms in the morning. So it makes sense that in order to make your website launch successfully, mobile friendly websites are the not only the best, but should be the only option. At Einstein SEO, we can help you get your website up and mobile friendly so that your business or blog can reach the top of every search engine!

Cell phone vs. PC

15 years ago, did you ever expect the cell phone to reach such great lengths. While we won’t spark a debate today, it has been constantly talked about how cell phones have become even more powerful than PCs. While both sides have good points, you can’t argue the fact that you can take a cell phone with you everywhere you go. This means that people can have access to your website wherever they go, with our help of course.

Mobile Friendly via Einstein SEO

We aren’t called “Einstein” for nothing. Our genius software and professional team has the right amount of knowledge to get you to the top of every search engine imaginable. However, what’s the point in that if your website isn’t mobile friendly? Let us help get you there.

  1. Web Design: By picking an appropriate design, you are choosing how your website will be configured based on its location and URL, or web address.
  2. Knowing Your Market: Through analytics, we can help determine where your users are coming from and what content they are interested in when they are scrolling through their phone.
  3. Organization: It’s true – too much of something can be bad. On mobile sites, less is better. The must-haves on your website should be quick and easy to access. The less important items should remain only when launching the full website. Simplicity at its best.
  4. Font Sizes: Is it scaled properly? Are all sizes the same? How long will it take a certain font and size to load? Questions that can easily be answered by our team of professionals.
  5. Finger Friendly: Most mobile phones have a touch screen. Is your website finger friendly for your clientele to puruse? What about the unfortunate, “fat finger syndrome”? People will give up if they can’t quickly have access to your information. Large icons, swiping, double-tapping are all easy ways to make your site more mobile friendly.
  6. Call Now: Nothing is more frustrating than looking up a company, deciding to call them, and then not being able to find their number. How many more calls will you receive when a “call now” button is cleverly placed within your site?

There are so many ways to make your website mobile friendly. Let Einstein SEO help get you there. Call us today at (763) 951-2200 to learn more. With social media and website integration, we are ready to optimize your life!

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