Importance of Keywords in SEO

Key Words for SEODo not underestimate the power of keywords when it comes to search engine optimization. They are the most critical element for maximizing SEO and giving your brand or site the traffic it needs. Think of it like your house’s foundation — the first and most important structural element of your home. Without a strong foundation, your home will not be structurally sound; without strategically placed keywords, your website may not be found.

How to Choose Keywords

Picking just the right keywords is also very important and can make a big difference for where your site lands on a search. Because the internet is so densely populated, single keywords are no longer a safe bet for strong SEO, so you should be two or three word search strings to guarantee consistent top ratings. Spend some time brainstorming about words that really connect to your brand. If you own a pet boarding facility, make sure that your two and three word strings are highly specific. Instead of using “pet boarding”, try something like “Holiday dog boarding” or even combine “local dog/cat boarding” with the city and state where you are located.   The best rule of thumb is thinking about how your customers or users would search for your site and use those as your keywords.

Add Keywords To Your Site Content

You need to populate your site with the keywords that you have identified so that when users search the keywords, they are found on your site and pop up in their search. You need to place these keywords in places that are important (think titles, headings, etc.) and they need to make sense. Using keywords in your domain name or URL can also benefit SEO. Finally, you should keep in mind not use too many keywords as your site will actually get penalized and it will work against you.

Einstein SEO Can Get You To The Top

If you think that your site could use some help reaching the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, partner with Einstein SEO. The Einstein SEO team uses only white hat techniques, which means that you will reach the top without shortcuts, spamming or other techniques that can actually get you penalized instead of ahead in the searches. Our speciality is in the use of keywords, and we can help you maximize keyword strings to help you achieve your SEO goals. If you have questions or would like more information, call Einstein SEO today at 1-763-951-2200.

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