Using Twitter for SEO

Twitter Pulling on Google SearchSocial media has totally revolutionized our society, especially as it relates to how we get our news, and how we stay connected to our friends, family and businesses and sites we follow. Twitter has had a particularly high impact on search engine optimization and, as of February, 2015, has an agreement with Google to make their tweets show up on google searches. This is exciting for you because you have a new search engine optimization tool to use to help your site reach the top of the most popular search engines. You may wonder how to use twitter in this way. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Hashtags: If you are familiar with Twitter, you have likely noticed the phenomenon of hashtags. These hashtags function as keywords on twitter, so be strategic about using your keywords in your tweets. You should be mindful not to overuse keywords or your site may be viewed as spam or untrusted.
  • Importance of your Twitter Profile and Bio: Your Twitter profile is important and should be reviewed to be sure that your user name and handle are consistent over all of your social channels, so that you are easy to find. If you do not already have a Twitter presence, think about your user name ahead of time so that you can avoid the need to change it and confuse your users. Also, be very strategic and succinct about the information you use in your Twitter bio as this information is indexed as well.
  • Linking up: Most experts agree that your tweets should link to your website and your website should link to Twitter as well. This is a positive from an optimization perspective, giving you credibility and helps to increase traffic.
  • Retweets are Key: If your users retweet your tweets, you will quickly expand your reach and be looked at favorably by search engines. So, encourage your users to share your tweets!

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