Good Web Sites Are Not an Accident

Do you find yourself returning to certain web sites again and again? Are there web sites that you find yourself lingering on? Have you ever recommended a web site to someone else because you liked it so much?

Web sites are good or bad for many different reasons. There is, however, some basic agreement on what makes a web site good.Good Web Sites Are Not an Accident

  • Good web sites do what they are supposed to do. A retail web site is good for different reasons than a non-profit organization’s web site is good. The first question to ask when putting up a web site is: What do I want this to do? Provide information? Create conversation? Entertain? Sell products? Web sites are good primarily because they deliver what they promise. They don’t try to be all things to all people. They are focused. A web site that is too broad in scope leaves visitors confused, disappointed and wanting to move on.
  • Useful content and information. No matter what you are attempting to do with a web site, its content should be of use to those who visit it. Always keep the content fresh, complete and up to date. If information is your purpose be sure to cite sources whenever possible. This will give the web site respectability.
  • Accessibility and usefulness. The most noble purpose and best information in the world make no difference if it cannot be found. Keep the pages organized. Watch the number and quality of links. Make certain articles are complete. In general, pay attention to details and keep the web site clean.
  • Keep the design simple and straight forward. There are many wonderful graphics available, but you do not have to use all of them on the same page. Animation, color and music are nice in moderation and if they serve a needed purpose. Make your webs site look and operate professionally.
  • Domain name. Make it as simple and as easy to remember as possible.

A good website does not have to be expensive or eccentric. In fact, it is the simplest of pages that sometimes get the message across quickly and effectively.

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