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The Search engine optimization (SEO) process has made it a long way in the past couple of years, and has been a crucial component of Internet marketing for a quite some time. When SEO web design was first quietly muttered in the 90’s, it meant little more than stuffing your web page with whatever keywords you had been optimizing for, and populating your meta data for the search engines to look over. SEO marketing was almost as traditional as the search engines themselves.

In today’s technological world, things are very different than they used to be. Now, everything on your website can be modified exactly to your needs and desires.

What is Web Design?

But, what exactly is web design? Web design is used as a general term to pair various tasks involved in creating a website. More specifically, it focuses on creating the front-end of a web site.

There are two basic principles that apply to any web page located on the Internet. The first is the front-end presentation that the user interacts with and can see visually, while the second is the back-end that uses HTML code to send and share information to non-human browsers.

Why is Web Design Important for SEO?

Web design and SEO ranking run parallel with one another. Many web designers are including general SEO in the web design operation. Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not recognize the importance detailed SEO plays in your web design, and tend to overlook the value it brings to their website.

Proper web design etiquette is extremely important to a search engine campaign, because SEO and social networking all begin with compelling website design. It gets easier to get traffic to your web page if it has an SEO friendly web design. You may have great content and information on your web page, but if it is not user-friendly, people will be discouraged to search for information on it.

Incorporating Content in Web Design

Content should never be overlooked when designing a web page. Prior to getting the website ready, the web designer should get background information of what your website is all about and how you want to reach out to clients. From there, the web designer can create a list of keywords that match what users may type into search engines.

Having the right number of keywords within your web page will help you rank better in the search results. Adding keywords during the web design process will both save you time and money, as you won’t need to go back to an already created web page and make changes to the content.

Web Design with a Tactical Plan

SEO is a key element in web design. If SEO is incorporated into the web design process, your page will begin ranking from the start and will quickly attract visitors from search engines.

At Einstein SEO, our mission is to construct a website tailored to your needs. Any company can sell you a website that works, but we are dedicated to go above and beyond. We look at web design from a business perspective while keeping in mind our client’s unique personality and strengths.

Let us worry about your website. Trust the professionals who can provide alluring websites with the horsepower to back it up. Call Einstein SEO (763) 951-2200 today!

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