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web-design-minneapolisEinstein SEO is the leader in search engine optimization in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota. And while showing up number one in search results is obviously very important, the most important, it is not the only thing that matters. If a website is not visually appealing and easy to use, most of your web traffic will click the “back” button and go to the next search result. In order to have a solid website, it must show up high in the search results and be aesthetically pleasing and functional. If a website does not have both of these traits, along with original, well-informed and written content, it will not be doing its job. Einstein SEO offers web design, with a special focus on Minneapolis, Minnesota companies.

Functional Web Design

Many internet users get frustrated with websites that don’t function well. In this day and age, if something doesn’t work perfect the first time, most people move on to the next item and the first gets left in the dust. Don’t let this happen to your website and, therefore, your business. Whether it’s the e-commerce portion of the website or simply just easy-to-use navigational buttons, make sure that all parts of your website function at their peak performance by having it designed by the experienced professionals at Einstein SEO.

Appealing Web Design

Besides functionality and ease-of-use, visual appeal is also a critical component to web design. If a website is not easy on the eyes and doesn’t present the information clearly, then it isn’t working properly. And if your website isn’t working properly, then it’s losing customers. Einstein SEO will create a website that looks great, measure up to any standards you have for it, and pull in real customers that will give you real business.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

The great thing about smart phones is that we are not tied to a computer any more whenever we need to find something on the internet. We pull out our phones, type a few letters, and bingo-bango we have the information and/or service we need. So web sites these days need to be mobile-friendly. Far too often websites that are not mobile-responsive do not convert web traffic into real leads. People simply move on to the next result. And that’s why all websites that Einstein SEO designs are mobile-responsive. We want your business to be accessible to everyone on-the-go.

SEO and Web Design

When SEO and web design work with each, they are a pretty powerful force. Your website shows up at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and it also keeps people there, turning them into real leads, with a great and easy-to-use design. If you want this for your company, call the professionals who have been doing it for 12 years at Einstein SEO today!

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