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You might have heard of WordPress before. Maybe not. Perhaps your current website, if you have one, is built with WordPress. WordPress is becoming one of the most popular content management systems used for website building in the world. At Einstein SEO, all the websites we design and build are done using WordPress. We use WordPress for our web design so that you can manage it easily, and have changes made quickly (either by us or you) and show up immediately on the web. As a SEO company, we have built our reputation on results, and WordPress gives us the best results.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress has many advantages that make it our primary choice for building your website. First and foremost, it is SEO friendly. WordPress enables us to build your website precisely around any key search terms you have in mind. If you sell flooring, you don’t want your website to show up in searches for fried chicken joints. But you certainly want it to show up in searches for carpeting, tiles, wood flooring, etc. With WordPress, we can SEO your website to show up for the exact search terms you’re after.

Blogging with WordPress

WordPress was built as a blogging engine. This is beneficial because it means that all websites built with it allow for blogging. At Einstein SEO, we can certainly do blogging for you if you wish. But sometimes our clients want to do their own blogging, either because of lack of funds or simply because they want to. We try to learn about a client and their industry as much as we can, but sometimes they want to do the blogging themselves because they obviously have more expertise on the industry, and sometimes want to tell a specific story. No matter why a client wants to do their own blogging, we will teach you how for free. And WordPress is the easiest platform for beginners to post their blogs. Like we said, we want you to have control of your website.

Web Design Changes On The Fly

With a WordPress site, if you have issues with the design, or want to make a minor change, just give us a call and we can make those changes quickly and have them show up immediately. It’s all about total control.

The beauty of WordPress is that it allows you to have as few or as many pages on your website as you want. If you need 50,000 pages on your site, it can handle that. WordPress allows for new pages to be made easily and out-of-date ones to be deleted or updated quickly.

At Einstein SEO, we want your Minnesota business to run as smoothly and flawless as possible. And for that to happen, your website needs to run the same way. So call us today, and we will build the ideal WordPress website for you.

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